Thursday, May 20, 2010

Square One

Welcome to my blog. I've been asked to serve as a Dominance/submission (D/s) Coach in Dark Den (DD). DD is a marvelous place in Second Life (SL), combining a sane out-of-character (OOC) community, consistent In Character (IC) public role-play (RP), and public erotica (including sex). Yum.

OK, DD has a mostly-sane OOC community. People who enjoy RP, D/s, and sex are passionate. Passionate people are always a little crazy, myself included. As my uncle told me before I got married, one key to a successful relationship is to take turns being crazy.

DD is owned and administrated by YT Recreant. YT chose me as one of several D/s Coaches. She loosely defined the role. She wrote that if a Coach was qualified, they would already know what to do. Clever.

While I'm still learning DD, I know D/s very well. I want to help sustain and improve DD, especially the D/s climate, while continuing to study the endless, fascinating complexities of sensuality and power exchange.

For this and many reasons, I'm starting this blog. I want my fellow kinksters at DD to know me, even if our prime times don't match, or our tastes run different. I'll try to provoke some thinking and discussion. As you know me better, I hope you'll be more comfortable approaching me, when I might be able to help or support or just listen.

Why am I Dom, and why should you consider my ideas? I have been with my beloved primary for about 16 years. We recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary. My beloved has a bedroom collar and an everyday collar. She discovered her submission first, and asked me to explore Dominance. In many ways, I've been a Dom all my life. I just needed to learn the language, so that I could be a mindful Dom, and properly study and improve. Fundamentally, I'm a Dom because I love my primary. She is my best of all friends, and the most desirable of all women. I am a Dom because I want to bring out the best in her.

Also, I like kinky sex and I'm a control freak.

Master SuperMaster says, "A true Dom never makes a mistake."

I am not Master SuperMaster (MSM). You'll know this if you play with me, because you'll see me make mistakes. MSM is a fictional character my beloved and I have joked about for years. MSM is a parody, combining the most ridiculous and dangerous beliefs and behaviors we've encountered among so-called Masters in SL.

In this blog, MSM will periodically be my sparring partner. I'll let him take a swing, and then I'll show how absurd, even hurtful, his ideas are. I usually don't capitalize pronouns for Dominants (e.g., "I'll let Him take a swing"), but even if I did, Master SuperMaster wouldn't get this honor.

So... Welcome, and thanks for reading. I hope you find this blog entertaining and useful.


  1. Coach #3 here. I've got a blog, too, and if anyone is interested, stop on over at and get acquainted.

  2. Welcome Sir.
    We haven't met yet but I look forward to doing so and also reading and hopefully learning from your blog.

  3. So ... should my alterego be "suckysupersub?"


    I think I'll leave alteregos to superheroes and Dominant types.

  4. Im a coach too not sure which number i am though. My blog is more of a chronicle of Moose who finds herself in a strange place with very strange people and trys to cope.

    I dont share information in public unless asked nicely regarding a D/s relationship. I am in a D/s 7x24 and my top is a true dominant as she says has only been wrong once and then she realized she was mistaken. (i know i have told that too many times)
    I am also a switch so I have an idea of both sides of the D/s equation however I prefer being the submissive. Being a dom is hard! and im glad we have folks like Supermaster who love the dom side and practice it so well.
    If I can be of assistance please drop a notecard to Jasmine wirefly inworld. Remember if your not absolutely lovin it then dont do it!