Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do your knees hurt?

Thank you for the many prompt and passionate responses to my first posts. I've directly heard from many people in SL, too. We clearly have a lot to discuss. I'll come back and respond to some of your comments in future posts.

Today, I want talk about protocol. Sin Flanagan has ICly been publicly pushing from a more detailed, universal protocol in Dark Den.

Gor appeals to many people in SL, because the protocol for kajira is clear and detailed. A Dom or sub can read about it in detail: both the novels, and the digests and interpretations of the fan community. A sub can find extensive guidance on how to appear, speak, move, and serve. Within this protocol, she can distinguish herself by self-discipline, conversation, flirting, vivid writing, and clever interpretations of routine actions, like assuming a nadu-style kneel with a particularly provocative description.

Gor doesn't do much for me anymore. I like variety. Sometimes, the most interesting kajira I met clearly had submissive personas at odds with the protocol. They were like beautiful, wild mares, harnessed to one of those merry-go-round pony rides we see at country fairs. I'm not saying all kajira are docile ponies; some are exceedingly hot and captivating. I just don't like seeing a woman dampened by a protocol that hobbles her. The impressive critical mass of Gor in SL pressures women to do this.

I like variety. I like a sub who uses her particular strengths to be pleasing. If she's not at her best when kneeling in a camisk, she should try something else.

Some of the women in DD practice the kajira protocol. I find it delightful. Perhaps this is because a sub is choosing a protocol that fits her, rather than a universal protocol handed out at the arrival point.

With one of my slaves, I started laying out a detailed protocol. There were more than 15 rules when I abandoned using specific rules. Instead, I taught her five broad principles. I believe she is intelligent and creative enough to respond to specific situations appropriately, based on the five principles. Does she always interpret a situation the way I would? No. That's part of the pleasure, for both of us. I'll say more about my five principles in a future post.

So, I'm not a fan of a detailed, universal protocol, at least IC. OOC, I wouldn't mind some universal protocol in DD. It might make the "PRG Excellent RPer" title even more meaningful. What kind of protocol would I enjoy and be willing to enforce? It would include things like:

* Respond to a Dom with at least equal length and speed. If I'm posting 2-4 lines every 3 minutes or less, I crave the same in response. I've literally missed some subs' minimal responses in the chat spam of a crowd.
* Pay attention to what a Dom does. Recently, at different times and with different women, I've invaded personal space or touched her body, with no response. Perhaps as a player I come across as too much of a teddy bear. But the character would expect a flinch, or an indrawn breath, or even a clear attempt to ignore the presumption.
* Use your body. There's a lot of nudity in Dark Den. Marvelous. But by giving up clothing and accessories, a sub can reduce herself to an anatomy illustration. Within any RP, consider describing how you hair moves when you turn your head, how the muscles in your thighs stretch as you shift position, how the sun kisses your smooth skin, or the bead of sweat rolling between your breasts. There are some gorgeous bodies in Dark Den. But the avatar should just be the beginning.

Just the beginning... Protocol should be the start, not the end, of excellence. One of my favorite scenes in Gor started like this:

"Master, this girl's knees are aching. May she please stand and massage your shoulders?"


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  2. Moose ... "it's in the books" actually that Gorean men liked their women to be "substantial." You're probably closer to the books than any of us.

    I'm not sure that Sir Kandr is speaking about a set of rules, Moose, but principles under which each of us should set our own standards for ourselves, with imput from our Masters and friends.

    Janay and I have spoken of this -- SL fosters a laziness in emoting that gets easier to be habit if the sim itself and the rp'ers individually don't keep pushing themselves to go a bit further.

    I'm trying to step up my game a little bit lately ... like you, I'm very verbal and love to use language in conversation to express a lot more than just chatter. You're great at it, actually. But there's some beauty and fun in what Sir Kandr is talking about. Responses to touch that are emoted, or responses to a Sir invading personal space, for example. Our AO's twitch and quiver and move ... but it's not in response to anything, really. Think about how much we communicate in RL by how we sit, where our eyes are aimed, how our eyebrows might rise or narrow in response to a word.

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  4. I think if i'm challenged or feel like i'm being challenged to rp better then I will. I know i suck and do short responses. I'll do long ones only if inspired. I am trying to think more about what i'm doing. Having visuals kinda kill knowing that. Its gotten me in trouble in the past. I'll sit in silence and do nothin when I meant to do more.

    I"m not sure about the idea of giving as long of a time as the sir since every rp style is different. Some don't think about that or want to.

    :: goes to hide in a pool cause her room is hot ::

  5. I removed Moose' first post at her request. I didn't find it objectionable.

    Just to be clear, if anyone feels like I need to be told, "If you want your own rules, get your own sim"... I've been there, done that, and I have a deep respect for those who keep trying. My message to the community of Dark Den will never be, "You *must* do things *this* way."

  6. I am writing this as a correction of a previous post. I agree that we should practice good role play. Below is my revised message:

    I have enjoyed the open format at dark den and would hate to see too much structure. I do agree with having the best role play possible.
    Training may be a good way of helping improve role play.

    I would suggest that if anyone would like to hone their roleplay skills that they consider the ROPE certification process. The ROPE training classes are available at Dark Den and at other locations in SL. It involves four hours of instruction and a certification test. The test is a detailed role play session with a role play examiner.

    VB also gives a class at Dark Den which takes an hour. VB is one of the best role players you will run into in SL.

    If you complete ROPE Certification and Dark Den Certification you get the Gold Certificate showing successful completion of both programs.

    As holder of ROPE Gold Certificate number 2, I have no problem with someone wanting to improve the quality of role play.

    What I would like to see in Dark Den is a role play community first and formost with other activities such as breeding, bdsm, dolcett, or what ever else as secondary. What I like to see and what happens remains to be seen.

    When Moose first arrived in Dark Den, she was allowed to be unique. Dark Den was a Role Play First Community. It would not be realistic to expect Moose to follow bdsm protocol because she has no clue what bdsm is.

    Moose does not fit into a mold and would not be able to use a protocol other than her own. Now if Moose is not allowed to be unique in the Den then she will have to find another place to be unique. I am not lookikng for a BDSM community. If i were there are several to choose from. There are fewer choices when you look for an open Role Play format such as what Moose found in Glint last December.