Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie: TiMER

I enthusiastically recommend the movie TiMER (IMDB page). It's a smart, funny cross of speculative science fiction and romantic comedy. The lead is deftly handled by Emma Caulfield (who I adored as Anya in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer). The premise is provocative: what would life be like if you knew in advance when you would meet your true love (what the characters call your "one")? I won't spoil the clever weaving of subplots, but like the inestimable Strange Days, the various possibilities are explored in graceful balance with strong narrative.

Why does TiMER matter on this blog? In SL, we never know when the next chance meeting could be a real connection. With one of my current partners, our first interaction was some heated IMs when I felt she was godmodding me. If I hadn't pulled my head out of my ass and tried to understand her perspective, we wouldn't enjoy the relationship we now have. My first conversations with Vivid Skizm left me with the impression that she wasn't very interested, and now she's my slave. A friend of mine is a sub in 1L, and she speaks of making good choices and taking good care of herself for Him. She hasn't met Him yet: the Master she deserves (and she deserves an amazing Master). We don't have the technological miracle that TiMER's characters have, but we should be thoughtful about what we're doing to meet the people who will redefine passion with us, and what we're doing with ourselves while we wait.

Kudos to my beloved primary for choosing TiMER. We watched via Netflix On Demand.

FYI, Strange Days is brilliant but hella dark (IMDB page). I'd list Strange Days as "much watch" for anyone who muses on what playing "imaginary games" like SL does to us. If you liked Avatar, especially how Jake got hooked on his SL, you'll like James Cameron's earlier thought experiment with jacking in. Also, Angela Bassett's character Mace could totally dom me.

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