Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kandr not seeking EM

((This is an IC post. Kandr is withdrawing from consideration for the Elite Molesteri. He will offer this explanation to any who asks, and encourage them to share it with anyone interested.))

I have decided to halt my progress on the path of the Elite Molesteri. I no longer wish to join this esteemed group, much less lead it. I know this will come as a surprise, perhaps an unpleasant one. I will explain.

When I first arrived in Dark Den, I had never engaged in breeding, and I didn't think I would enjoy it. So first I proved myself on my own terms ((Freestyle)). I fell in love with the People's Republic of Glint, both the land and the community. I wanted to help, and the EM seemed in need of some strong, compassionate leadership. I also wanted to better understand D/s as it's practiced here. Since I've completed most of the path to full EM membership, I understand the EM and the Sisterhood far better than I could have otherwise. With that greater understanding, I realize now that the EM aren't right for me, and I'm not right for the EM. In the past, the glorious many-to-many relationship of the EM and the Sisterhood would have been perfect for me. But now, I wish to focus my greatest passions on only a few partners. The Sisterhood deserves men with more to give to more.

I'm not leaving Dark Den. I'm not resuming the use of contraceptives. But I'm no longer seeking to join the EM. I'll continue to seek ways to help in this community, especially in matters of D/s. This includes D/s related and unrelated to EM and the Sisterhood. ((I'm resting on my completed Freestyle path. I'm an Inspector. I'm wearing the Mama Allpa HUD.))

I'm grateful to those EM, Sisters, and others who helped me learn and progress on the path to full Molesteri status. Thank you.

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