Monday, August 2, 2010

Kandr leaving Dark Den

I'm drifting away from Dark Den. I have many reasons. Put simply, there are experiences and relationships I want in SL--ways of being and ways of feeling--that I'm not finding.

If anyone asks, I have many good things to say about the Den. I have a great deal of respect, admiration, and affection for Cara Lionheart and YT "alley cat" Recreant. I expect Cara to be an excellent president. YT's creativity and creations are extraordinary. The community is filled with friendly, playful people. I'm not storming out, and there is nothing gossip-worthy written between these lines.

IC, Kandr was in the PRG on a paid sabbatical. A senior partner in his firm is dying, so Kandr's sabbatical has ended.

I'm stepping down as a D/s Coach for Dark Den. I plan to continue my blog about D/s. I discovered much about myself and my tastes in the Den. I met many intriguing people, and had the pleasure of getting close to some. I found challenge, elation, and growth. I wish everyone in Dark Den a passionate, fulfilling SL.


  1. Good Luck, Sir Kandr, I'm sorry I did not get a chance to know you but I will continue to read your blogs. Thanks to you, I actually learned a lot about myself and who I want to be at the Dark Den and SL in general,and that it is perfectly ok to be me, just as I am.

    Thank you

  2. I am sorry to see you leave and hope that your travels bring you back to us one day. You'll always be welcome in the Den, in my home, and in my heart. You'll be missed, my friend.

  3. I'm sorry that you're leaving us Sir Kandy ..... and... I'm choosing to believe that it is just an interlude, a vacation, and that you will at some point find your way back. In the mean time, fare well in your travels and know that you will be missed. *blows you a kiss*

  4. The Dark Den gate is never locked, that I am aware of, folks can walk out and folks can come in. The Den is a unique and dynamic place not because of prims but because of characters like Kandr,Cara, robin,joy, ava, alley,jarethe, and others who have walked through the gate. Some have left and stayed gone while others have come back. I would like to think that Kandr would consider visiting from time to time if not return as a regular.

    That said, I hope you find the experiences and relationships you seek. Moose will always greet Kandr, with a smile, even though she never gets the name right. I always find something useful in your blog for pondering so I am glad that will continue.